As an environmentally conscious company, it is our job to motivate the waste producer to sort the waste materials so that we can collect them separately. We offer 5 different waste categories.

If sorting is not possible in some cases we recommend you to order a Big Bag type of “mixed waste”. After collection we sort for you on a larger scale. After ordering, you will get the Big Bag delivered to your home.

Both collection and processing costs are included in the price of the Big Bag you order.

Our assortment


Recyking offers the solution for the collection of waste materials, and this for both individuals and companies.

Our flexible and dynamic company guarantees the collection, and proper processing of your waste materials.

Through our years of experience we can offer you a unique service for the collection of various waste categories such as; construction & demolition waste, wood waste, green & pruning waste, mixed waste and asbestos cement waste.

  • Sort, recycle and save money
  • Choose how, where and when
  • Correct processing with an eye to a better environment
  • The solution for small works
  • Limited Occupation
  • Tailor-made and at the pace of your progress
  • Avoid waiting times at container park
  • Selective waste collection
  • Safe payment
  • Flexible solution with easy handling