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This Big Bag with a flat base has a filling apron at the top.

The filling apron can be closed with a closing loop to protect the contents from external influences.

With its 4 lifting loops and a maximum safe handling weight of 1500 kg, it is the most practical Big Bag.

What is allowed in it?

Only mixed sortable waste.

Mixed waste means: The waste that results from household waste and similar commercial, industrial and institutional waste.

Construction and demolition waste and wood waste.

What is not allowed?

Small hazardous waste, Asbestos-containing waste, Discarded electrical and electronic equipment, Discarded equipment and containers harmful to the environment.

Liquids, Oils, fats, Paints, Combusted waste, Asphalt, Roofing, Waste containing tar, Radioactive substances, Food waste, Batteries and batteries, Car tyres, Chemicals and other substances that can harm the health of humans, animals or plants or can harm the soil.